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Customise Booking Status

Global Status

Global Status is the status of the booking/ job itself. The name and colour can be personalised in the Toolbox/ Booking Defaults. It’s also possible to create more statuses if needed. To modify or add new statuses the user needs access to the Object Manager/ Server Setup. Enter a name/ header for the Global Status and define the Sub Status that is related to the conflict alarms (if booking a confirmed object twice an automatic conflict alarm will appear). If the Sub Status is set to planning there will be no conflict.

Status Colors 

Define the colour of the Sub Status in the Toolbox/ Display settings. The colour will be reflected in the status colour box next to the booking name in the Project Tree or on the booking. It is also the colour of the booking shown in the Hourline depending which setting has been selected in the Hourline Settings (see below). ‘Always Force Preliminary/ Planning...’ is related to the colour defined in the ‘Preliminary/ Planning’ field in the Display settings (see picture to the right). It will overwrite the Project/ Client/ User colour if the setting is turned on. If the booking is confirmed it either shows the confirmed colour or if ‘Use Project/ Client Colours’ is turned on it will reflect the Project/ Client colour.

Actual Status 

The Actual Status reflects the status of the objects within the booking (e.g. if one object within a booking has a conflict, but the job has been confirmed, the ‘global status’ of the whole booking will be ‘confirmed’ but the ‘actual status’ ‘mixed’). It is also linked to the Sub Status in farmerswife that indicates the status of the individual objects booked on the job/booking. An object can have all days in the booking on.

  • Planning: all booked objects with all days in gray/planning
  • Preliminary: all objects have all days preliminary, due to conflicts or due to the Sub Status of the Global Status (see Global Status)
  • Mixed: one or more booked objects with preliminary days and confirmed days
  • Confirmed: all objects are confirmed

Object Status

To change the status of the objects, click on the object icon menu and either:

  • Force Confirm – if the object has conflicts but you want to double book the objects Confirm All Days – possible conflicts will remain red and need to be force confirmed. 
  • Preliminary All Days – set all days to preliminary. 
  • Confirm From Time Range – mark a Time Range of days you want to confirm. Conflicts will remain red and need to be force confirmed. 
  • Preliminary From Time Range – mark a Time Range of days you want to set to preliminary.

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