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Configure Tasks and Requests

Add and Modify Task / Request Names and Custom Fields in Toolbox

Since version 6.1 it is possible to add and modify Task / Request Names in the Toolbox. These names appear in the list when you create a Task / Request Booking, and also on the created Task / Request. 

To add or modify a Task / Request Name or Custom field:

  1. Toolbox > Settings.
  2. Select “Booking Default” in the menu in the bottom of the Toolbox Window.
  3. Click on Task / Request Setup.
  4. To add a new click on the green + in the Task / Request Setup window.
  5. To modify click on an existing Task/Request name.
  6. Name: Add the name.
  7. Colour: Select the colour the Task Booking should have in the Wife Client.
  8. Request Icon Colour: This is the colour of the request icon and it can be yellow, blue or pink.
  9. Customs: Click on the button to add Custom fields. Please see further in the Custom Fields manual. 

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