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How to add Booking Breaks?

1. Adding Booking default break in the Server Setup

In the Server Setup you can add default Breaks.
These appear in a drop down menu when adding a break in the Desktop Client. Go to the farmerswife Server > Set Up > Bookings tab.
Click on the green + to add a new Break. Define the duration of the Break by setting the In/Out time and enter a name in the blue field.

From v6.4+ they also appear as default break options in the Web Client/ iOS/ Mobile Web Client time report window.

Auto include default Breaks

One or more breaks can be ‘Auto Included’ to all Bookings created from the moment you change the setting in the Server Setup. Follow the steps as above. Choose ‘Auto Include’ to include the break to all Bookings you create from this moment on.

Remember that default breaks always affect all involved Objects, unless "Only Auto Include Breaks When Booking People" is set to YES.

All Users can see the auto included breaks from the Web Access tiers. They can also change the breaks, which will affect all Users.

There is a setting which allows to 

2. Adding a Break to a Time Report ( Web Client/ iOS/ MWC)

Click to open the Time Report, go to ‘Breaks’. Click ‘Add Break’ to add a new break.
Set the break in/out time, optional enter a name and a note for the break.

Any break added by a User through the Web Access Tiers, is only affecting the own User, by default. An Advanced User with the User Permission “Edit All Time Reports” can later change this in the corresponding Time Report in the Desktop Client (see below).
Default added breaks that are ‘Auto Included’ always affect all involved Objects.

Controlled by a Web User Permission, Users can since v6.4 also add breaks through the Web Client/iOS/Mobile Web Client and apply to all involved.

3. Desktop Client

  • Time Report Window

    If the Booking is set for the current day, simply click on the Time Report icon to access the Time Report window. If the Booking is set in the future the Time Report icon won´t appear. In case you want to time report a future Booking, click Booking icon and select ‘Edit Time Report / Extras´ from the dropdown. Once inside the Time Report window, click on the Cup with + icon, choose ‘Add Break’ and select from the Default Added Server side breaks or add a ‘Custom’ Break.

  1. Set the start and end time of the break.
  2. Enter a name for the break.
  3. Enter a note.
  4. Define which objects should be affected (only Anna in the example below).
    Note: Is ‘All’ by default on Users with “Edit All Time Reports” = Yes. Is ‘Own User’ if “Edit All Time Reports” = No. 
  5. Click OK to confirm it and OK again to exit the time report window. If it is a multiple day booking, the manually added ‘Break’ will only affect the day, which you have chosen on the ‘Days’ column (at the right). 

  • Used Hours / Edit Project Window

    The “Used” hours in the Time Report window still show the effective reported hours. The hours of the break will be deducted from the total in the Edit Project window (if Time Report mode is set to ‘To Invoiced/ Used/ Booked’).

  • User report

    The break hours are also deducted from the User’s Working Hours in the User Report.

  • Display Breaks in the Hourline

    If the Toolbox Setting > Hourline > Break is enabled, the break is shown on the Booking in the Hourline.

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