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Print Designer Templates

In farmerswife you can create as many Reports, format and save as Templates for future use (available for Users with appropriate permissions and access).

By selecting a template (highlighted in yellow), you will be able to delete it (Remove), save changes (Save) and edit the generic values of the template (Set up). Grab and drag the template name to move it up/down in the template list following the appearing blue up/down arrows.

New: Click on the plus green icon at the top-right corner of the Templates window to save a template as new template and enter a name in the pop up window.

Save: While designing a template, it is highly recommended to hit the Save now and then, to make sure you always are being saved in case e.g there is a disconnection from the Server. Furthermore, after modifying a template, click Save to save the changes within the same template or create a new one by using the green plus icon.

Remove: Delete a template. This will permanently delete the template from your installation. You need to Confirm Remove. It is possible to prevent Users from deleting and editing other's Users templates disabling the option Can Modify Other Users Templates in the User's permission profile.


  • Resolution Width/Height
  • Offset X/Y
  • Print Page Number
  • Font Scale
  • Image Scale
  • New Line Height
  • Resolution (Mac Only)
  • Fix Total At Bottom
  • Show Header In Each Page
  • Page Backgrounds

Template Library

Templates can be imported in various modules and help you create e.g. Job Sheets, Project Schedules, Client Timings, Invoices, Invoice Basis, Usage Reports, User Reports and much more.

In the following folders you'll find "ready to import" Templates organized into Categories depending on the Print Designer they belong to, e.g. Project Templates, Personnel Tree Templates...

Read more on Importing Report templates

There are 2 types of importable Report Templates in farmerswife – Reports and Financial Reports. They both share the file extension .wpt and can be imported inside the Print Designer window of the same section of the system from which they were exported. 

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