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Group Templates

Group Templates is a feature available since version 6.0 that allows you to combine multiple templates into one. You can e.g create a Print Designer report containing a cover sheet with a summary followed by a second Print Designer report with the detailed breakdown. This is useful for example when sending off quotes to customers so you can print the two reports designs into one PDF.

A Group Template can contain multiple other Print Designer Templates and when you print the Group Template, it prints all those templates, one by one (as one single printout).

This is how you activate it:

  • Open any Print Designer.
  • In the pop-up menu at the top of the Templates list(top-left), activate the option Show GroupTemplates.

  • The Templates list will now contain a section for Group Templates, followed by a plus icon. Click it andenter a name for the new Group Template and press OK.

  • Next to your new Group Template, there is a button labeled "Add". Click it to add other templates intoyour Group Template.

Please note that you can only view (and edit) one template at a time in the Print Designer. So it won't let you select the Group Template for editing.

Using Group Templates has the following benefits over just manually printing the separate templates:

  • You don't have to remember which ones to print in order to get a complete printout.
  • Page numbering covers the whole printout instead of starting from one with each separate template.
  • You can select the Group Template as the default template for Invoices and then batch print multipleInvoices where each Invoice printout consists of multiple templates.

Group Templates can not be exported or imported.

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