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Adding logos and other images to Report Templates

1. How to prepare your images and logos

a. Company logo
You have to save your logo as a GIF file with a maximum size of 140 x 140 pixels and 72 dpi.

b. Additional images and logos
You cannot resize your image inside of Farmerwife so it is very important that you save it in the correct size, also Farmerswife only supports GIF image format, which are always at a 72 DPI resolution.
E.g. for having a A4 background image, save the image as GIF with width 1680px X height 2375px - that is the size of an A4 in farmerswife.
See more info below.

2. Adding images to the Server

a. Adding your logo to the Server
Go to the computer where the farmerswife Server is installed. Access the ‘Server Set Up’. (*Notify all Users to logout before accessing the setup as they will be logged out).
In the ‘General’ tab, click on the ‘Company Logo’ picture to add your own. The ‘Select File For Company Logo’ window will open allowing to select the image.

b. Adding more images and logos to the farmerswife Server
It is possible to add more logos/ images to your reports. You will always have the company logo you have stored in the Server Setup/ General Tab, but you can add more directly into your server.
Go to the computer where the farmerswife Server is installed and open the "system" folder

  • To find the system folder on Mac OS X:
    'Ctrl + click' on the farmerswife Server application icon and select 'show package contents' from the menu. In the new window that appears, open the 'system' folder .
  • To find the system folder on PC:
    Right-mouse click on the farmerswife Server application icon and select 'Open file location' from the menu. In the new window that appears, open the system folder.

Find "label_images" folder inside of the "system" folder and open it, paste (or save) all the logos that you need for the Print Designer.

Once you have saved all your logos in the "label_images" folder, you need to quit Server and restart it. ( *Remember to notify all Users to log out before quitting the Server). Once you restart the farmerswife Server, the Log Window will show the images/ logos that have been imported.

3. Adding your Images and Logos to your templates

a. Add your images and logos to your templates

After adding your new Images/ logos and restarting the server, log into farmerswife and go to any Print Designer (Project Print Designer, Invoice Creator,…) where you want to show the Image/ logo. The new imported images/ logos are listed at the top of the Project area, you will recognise them because there will be an (I) (image)next to the field name.
Simply select the image/ logo you want to use in the template (mark check box next to it) and drag and drop the image by clicking on the yellow box on the image in the Preview area.

* The "company_logo" will always be available by default and therefore cannot be deleted nor renamed.

b. Adding an image as a background image in a template
Background images can be added to appear only on the first page, on all the pages or on all the pages except the first page. They will be hooked to the template and cannot be dragged around on the template preview like other images. They are widely used to accomplish designs and layouts for reports, invoices and other.
To add a new background image, go into the ‘Setup’ of the template. Click on the yellow star to add a new image as a background picture. Select the image, choose the mode and setup the position. See below.

c. Create an A4 - full size background picture to use in the Print Designer
First save the image as a GIF with width 1680px X height 2375px. See example psd file attached here. The psd file indicates where the header and footer should be situated when you want to design your own personalized A4-background picture. Save it as a gif file and import it into the ‘label_images’ folder in the farmerswife system folder. Check above on how to add a background picture.

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