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Print Designer Interface

The Print Designer is made up of three main areas

In the Preview pane, Report data can be arranged and formatted, along with setting Page Break, Width, and Height.

This area of the Print Designer lists all data, text, and images fields available to select and display in your Report. The column is divided into sections/loops which will vary depending on the type of report being run: Quote, Project report, Media Order report, Invoice, Financial Report, etc.

As many different Report Templates as needed can be created, formatted, and saved. Templates are Global and shared among the Users with appropriate permissions and access. (Relevant Permissions are: Project Reports Edit, Access To Financial Report, Can Modify Other Users Templates)

Together these areas make it possible to create, print, and save a large variety of reports with as little or as much information as required and formatted to accommodate a wide range of report styles.

Relevant Permissions are: Project Reports Edit, Access To Financial Report, Can Modify Other Users Templates

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