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Adding Static and Dynamic Text

In all Print Designer reports you can either display dynamic (D) or static (T/Text) information. Dynamic values change depending on the Project, Invoice,etc from which you are generating your report. Static information and Rectangles (to create boxes or lines) will not change regardless of the source of your report.

To add more information to the current report template you are looking at, click the Plus icon of the section you wish the data to be displayed and from the pop-up choose to add a Rectangle, Text, Custom or From Contacts (these are the options that you get in the Project Report Print Designer but they can be different depending on the Print Designer from which you are creating your report)

When selecting Custom (in the Project loop from Elements/Options in the Project Report Print Designer), the next window allows you to select one of the available Project Custom Fields.

When selecting From Contacts, the next window allows you to bring fields and Custom Fields from the Contact Details window of the Client selected for this Project report.

When selecting Text, the Edit Window opens allowing you to modify the untitled created text. In the example below, the text field has been added to the Project.

When selecting Rectangle, a rectangle will be created. On any Rectangle within a Print Designer Template, click on the Rectangle, use the Edit button or double click the Anchor Point to access the Edit window. Current configuration options are: Copy, Outline Color, Fill Color, Line Width and Position (North / West / South / East).
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