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Client Installation on Windows

If you are working on a 64-bit Windows computer, download the "fw_client_v608-SP1.exe" installer file.

!! v6.8 is the last version to support the 32bit fw Server and Client apps on Mac and Windows !!

If you are still working on a 32-bit Windows machine, please contact

Double click on the file to start the installation.

The farmerswife (Client) Setup Wizard will open* and guide you through the installation step by step.

Depending on your local security settings an ‘Open File – Security Warning’ from your Windows® operating system might pop-up when you try to start the farmerswife installer file.

Click on ‘Run’ to continue with the installation. Once the Client installer starts the ‘Setup’ a dialog box will ask ‘Do you wish to continue?’. Click ‘Yes’ to proceed.

By default, "C:\Program Files\farmerswife client" should be the path used as the destination directory (recommended).
To select a different folder, click 'Browse...'.

Leave 'Create a desktop icon' checked so you'll have a farmerswife icon on your desktop for easy access.

Click 'Next' to see a summary of what you are going to install.

Then click 'Install' to complete the installation. A progress bar will appear showing the installation progress.

To start the application immediately, the ‘Launch Farmers WIFE’ check-box must be marked. The ticked 'Show Release Notes' check-box will open a new window in your default web browser with the Release Notes for this version. Click on the Finish button to complete the installation process.

Continue with entering the server settings to connect to the Server.
If you are running both applications on the same machine and in demo mode use the log-in details:

User: Peter
Password: 1
... to connect to the demo database and start farmerswife.

Once the Client application has been installed you can delete the installation file (*.exe) from your system again.

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