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Where can I find farmerswife installers?

All farmerswife Installers are available on our website.
If you browse to, you can find them in the Help Center section> Installers.

Public Installers folder contains installers for the latest releases of each version: 6.1 SP1, 6.2 SP2, 6.3 SP1 and recently added 6.4 SP1.
All previous releases are available in the Previous Releases Folder.
Once you open selected folder you can see Server and Client installers for Windows, Mac or Linux. 

To connect to the Server you need to download Client installer and follow the installation instruction for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Preview and Beta Installers should only be used under certain circumstances.
If this happens you will receive access to Preview and Beta installers together with detailed instructions on which version to use and how to upgrade to it.

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