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Download and install farmerswife!

The architecture of the farmerswife software is based on two components:

  • farmerswife Server
  • farmerswife Client

The Server is the central database application where all information as well as general program settings are stored within the current45.efdb. In a typical installation, the Server should be installed on a separate machine, which is accessible for the Client applications through a LAN or External Port Connection.

The Client applications (farmerswife Client, farmerswife iOS application, Web Client, Mobile Web Client) are used to log-in to the Server, access the database and perform the actual day-to-day operations. Each licensed User has his own login and password to access the server from any Client application.

Both applications have to be installed separately. You can combine e.g. the farmerswife Server application running on a Windows machine with the farmerswife Client application running on Mac and/or Windows; this will need some basic configuration of the farmerswife system to work within the specific network environment.

Download and install the Server application

Run Server application - wait until the Server log window states 'Server Ready' at the top of the window.

Download and install the farmerswife Desktop client 

Install on any computer that an Advanced User needs to have access to farmerswife from.

Configure Client-Server-Connection

Download the iOS app from the Apple Store.

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