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Choosing a Database on Installation

When starting up the farmerswife server for the first time it will check if a previous database exists. If it can't find one, it will prompt you to select either the Demo Database or an Empty Database.

  • Empty Database (recommended)

This is a Basic database containing one example object within each category, including an Advanced User with all permissions, and a Web User.
In the server setup > Users Tab, rename the main Advanced User "Peter" to yourself.

When logging in the first time to the Empty Database the preconfigured Objects will be displayed in the Hourline:

  • Peter (Advanced User with all permissions)
  • Martin (Web User)
  • Two Suites

The first thing to do is to change the names to correspond with people and objects in your company. This is done in the Object Manager described in the next section.

  • Demo Database

The Demo Database is richer than the Basic DB and contains more Users, Objects, Services, Projects and Bookings that can serve as examples.

  • Login

With either database, to login the first time with the client application:

User: “Peter”

Password: “1”
As a final step on starting the farmerswife Server in demo mode, it will display a reminder informing that it’s running in ‘Demo Mode’ for 60 min. and how many startups are left, counting down from 40. Click ‘Confirm’ to continue. Once the message 'Server Ready' appears in the the farmerswife Server application is ready for example to be accessed by the farmerswife Client application.

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