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Client Installation Mac

Download the "Mac_farmerswife_605_Client.dmgfile to your Desktop.
With a double click on the package file, initiate the installation process: the package will be mounted and the installation window will open.
Follow the instructions of this window to add the farmerswife Client application to the Mac OS X’s Applications folder.
Drag the farmerswife icon from the left onto the Applications folder to install.

After the successful installation, double click on the farmerswife Client application icon now located within the Mac OS X’s Applications folder to launch it.
If the Server is running and both applications are installed on the same machine using the demo database use the following log-in details in the Client login window:
User : Peter
Password : 1
... to connect to the demo database and start farmerswife.
Take a look at the Server-Client Connection configuration if you’re not running the farmerswife Server and Client applications on the same machine.
Since version 4.8 the farmerswife Client application installed from scratch will by default have its 'system' directory in '~/Library/Application Support/farmerswife/system/'. It is still possible however to move that directory inside the application bundle. If there is a system directory inside the application bundle, it will take priority and farmerswife will keep using that. Likewise, you can move the system directory out from the application bundle to '~/Library/Application Support/Farmers WIFE/system/'.
'~' refers to the Mac users home path, e.g.
  • Macintosh HD/Users/Mac user/Library/...
  • ~/Library/...

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