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Setup A Directory For Actors/Talent

Use farmerswife to search for and book actors, voice actors, software talent and more. With the flexible setup of Object Custom Fields, Object Classes and View customization you can easily create and manage your own directory within your scheduling software.

All talent will be Resources in fw, thus you won’t need a separate license for them unless they are required to login to the system at a later stage. The Import/Export in the Object Manager let’s you easily update the contact registry.

Setup The Database

Add different Object Custom field templates that can be applied, and through which information can be imported into the contact database.

Easily import all Actors/Talent via the Object Manager as Resource Type into the database. Classify into Classes for easy loading into the Scheduling views. Import Custom Field information for easy searches and display of Actors/Talent.

Manually edit the Resource information, add new Resources.

How To Work With The Database?

Object Manager

Filter by Object Classes and see at a glance how many Actors/Talents are in the database.

Contact Search

Combine multiple search filters to refine your searches.

Add the results to the Object Tree to see availability, Bookings and more.

Object Tree / Timeline

Show your Resources availability and Bookings in the Timeline.

Load Resources by filtering a Class (can be type, skill, etc.) into the Object Tree.

Print Reports on the monthly, weekly, daily usage of the Resources.

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