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Contact Types

The contact registry is where all contacts in farmerswife are stored.

Contact Types

Different types of Contacts can be created in the Contacts tab.

To view/edit Contacts, go the Contacts tab of the Navigation Pane, or click on the “Contacts” tab in the Toolbar.

There are 5 categories of Contacts:

  1. Clients: A company/contact for whom work is undertaken and invoiced via the Invoice Module.
  2. Resources: People who need to be booked on the Timeline but that do not necessarily need a User login e.g. freelancers. Include the functions to have buy/sell rates, be added to Object Classes, given Web Access (requires a web user license).
  3. Resource And Client: A Contact type that allows having a contact used as Resource Object (for details see above) and at the same time can be used as Client (as described above) without having the need to setup twice.
  4. Globals: Suppliers. All farmerswife Users are also listed in this contact type.
  5. Privates: A private contact, only visible to the User who entered it.

Projects can only be linked to the “Client” contact type (or system Users – per server setting).

Clients and Resources can be imported into the farmerswife database using a .csv file. See the How To “Import Contacts” found in the Knowledge Base in

  • To manually add a new Contact > right click in the Contacts window > “New Contact”.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to first select the Contact Type (first field available) as this gives the required functionality to that contact (eg being able to book a Resource on the time line / link a Client to a Project).
  • The left pane lists any other contacts from the same company, while the information on the right of the window shows any details applied to the company as a whole. The information under the contact’s name is just for that one contact.

  1. Double click on a Contact to enter the Contact window. The Contact Detail tab is the same for every type of Contact (Client, Resource, Supplier and Privat Contact). In the tabs above the last three tabs: Todos, Files and Suppliers Details are the same for all the Contact types. Depending on which Contact Type has been selected there are additional tabs available. Check each Contact Type for further details.

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