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Advanced Contact Search

See Advanced Contact Search option below, which also contains an explanation for: Summary, New Contact, New Contact From, and Remove Contact.

Advanced Contact Search: Use the standard Contact fields and the Custom Fields to narrow the search on Contacts.

Edit View: Select the Columns to be displayed for the search results by moving them from the left side of the Edit View window (Hide) to the right side (Show). Put them in the required order by moving them up or down.

Save View As: Use this option to save the View created with the Edit View option.

Load View: Load the Saved Views.

Remove View: Remove a Saved View.

Maximum Hits
When Searching: Change the limit here to alter the search limitations for the running session. The default limit is set up in the Server Setup > General tab > Hits Limit.

There are two options to create a report of the Advanced Contact Search results. See the Contacts_ExportData Manual.

1. Report Designer: Click on the report icon on the left to the Search button to create a report in the Print Designer.

2. Export to Excel: Use the Excel Export Sheet functionality at the bottom right side of the Advanced Contact Search window to export the results to an Excel sheet.

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