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Client Rate Cards

Configure a Rate Card for a Client 

In the Rate Cards tab of the Contacts window. The Rate Cards (if any setup already) are shown in the list by Name, Number of Objects and if they are set to Default.

Create a new Rate Card by clicking on the green plus sign. (Tasks, Bookings, and Rates Permissions are needed for accessing the Rate Cards option.) Type in a name in the Edit Rate Card window and click on the "add New Object" icon to add an Object from the Object Browser to the Rate Card. Define the special Rates by clicking on the Details icon (%). No percentages like Discounts or Markups can be given, only higher or lower prices can be added. Add Object Class Rates, Object Rates and Activities Rates. Click OK to create the Rate Card and it will appear in the Rate Card list.

Global Rate Cards
Rate Cards can be Saved As Global Rate Cards by clicking on the drop down menu in the Edit Rate Card window and reapplied to other Clients or applied directly to a Project. To load a Global Rate Card choose it from the drop-down menu in the Edit Rate Card window. Apply a Client/Customer Rate Card to all associated in the Client’s company by clicking the Apply To All in Company button in the top bar next to the green plus icon. If a Global Rate Card needs to be changed it needs to be relinked to all Clients manually.

To save the changes of a Global Rate Card select in the Edit Rate Card window through the drop down menu at the top left the option: Save As Global Ratecard. A message appears: Overwrite Existing? Confirm. Then this new Global Rate Card has to be relinked to all Clients manually. When linking a Client that has a Rate Card to a Project, farmerswife will ask if the Rate Card should be applied. When YES is selected farmerswife will ask to select which of the Rate Cards should be applied, if there is more than one Rate Card. 

Please look here for more information about Rate Cards and Rates

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