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Export contact data

Contact data can be exported from farmerswife in many different ways:

  • Open As Spreadsheet from the Advanced Contact Search
  • Print Designer Report
  • HTML Contact Summary
  • Extract contact information through SQL query

Open As Spreadsheet from the Advanced Contact Search

The simplest way to export contact data is to edit the search result table view and export the data from here:

To modify the displayed columns go to ‘Edit View’ and select/deselect the columns you wish to display in the search result. You can change the order of appearance by grabbing a line and dragging it up or down. The blue up/down arrows will indicate if the line will be dropped before or after another data line. Before pressing ‘Search’ in the top right corner of the result table, make sure to ‘remove’ the ‘Maximum Hits When Searching’ Limit to include all search results. 

To export the filtered and displayed data click on the ‘Open As Spreadsheet’ icon. For further information on this feature see the separate ‘Open As Spreadsheet.pdf’.

Print Designer Report 
To create a more customized user layout of a contact report you can use the Print Designer, which allows you to modify the font type, color and size as well as to display logos.
Filter your contacts as described above and then press the ‘Report’ Icon top right corner of the result table.

Include every search result or select the ones that you want to view in your report (mark and highlight in yellow). For further information on the Printing Designer please consult the separate ‘Printing Designer and Reports Manual’.
See the example below for an ‘Address List’:

HTML Contact Summary 
Generate a contact summary in HTML format. There is a default report available but it is possible to customize and create your own report with different data if having some HTML knowledge. Filter your contacts as described above. 

In the search result table, press the menu icon > Default Contact Summary. The default web browser opens to display the Contact Summary of all displayed contacts. It’s not possible to only select a few contacts and export them. The modification of the HTML report to reflect different data requires basic Java knowledge. The templates used for HTML Contact Reports are typically located in the --\farmerswife_server\html_templates\exports\contact_summary. Located in the same folder is a "readme.txt" file containing a list of variables available for the report. 

Extract contact information through SQL query 
farmerswife uses a proprietary database but has SQL synchronization options that will enable you to extract information the database. Please contact for further information or take a look at

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