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Creating Credit Note from Invoice

Credit Notes can be created from Invoices in the Invoice Manager.

In Server Setup > General tab > Divisions, choose wether Credit Notes should use their own numbering series. Once you have found the Invoice and selected it, click on the drop-down menu or right-mouse click and select Make a Credit Note (Selection:x). 

  1. If the Server-side setting "Make Credit Note Automatically Creates A New Invoice" (in Server Setup > Financial tab) is enabled, when making a Credit Note from an Invoice, a new Invoice with the same details and prices as the Credit Note is created. This new Invoice can then be modified as required to be re-sent to the Client or, if not needed, it can be deleted. 
  2. If the above setting is disabled, then when making a Credit Note, a pop-up asks how much you want to credit, and the options are:
  • Original Amount: Selecting this option, a Credit Note with the original Invoice amount is created.
  • Due Amount: Selecting this option, a Credit Note with the due to be paid amount is created. This is useful if you use the Invoice Payments module and need to credit only for the unpaid amount.

  • Percent Of Original Amount: Selecting this option, a Credit Note with a percentage of the original Invoice amount is created, and the price of each item in the Credit Note are calculated from this percent.

  • Percent Of Due Amount: Similar to the above option, a Credit Note with a percentage of the amount due to be paid is created. In all cases, you get a reminder that the Credit Note has been added to the Invoice Creator. Once you verify it and it is ready to be sent out, move it to the Invoice Manager.

NOTE: Be aware that in the first scenario when a new Invoice gets created together with the Credit Note, deleting this new Invoice removes the Invoiced Flag from the affected items (which can be Bookings or Budget Lines - it does not happen on Media Orders). Likewise, in the second scenario where the setting is disabled, when crediting an Invoice, the affected items will lose their Invoiced Flag because no new Invoice is created for them. In both cases, it is recommended that you go to the affected Project, activate it (if it was closed), and flag those Bookings as Ignore or invoice them again as required. 

Other Options: 

The following settings are configured in the Server Setup > Financial tab:

  • Allow only 1 Credit Note per Invoice: If set to Yes, it is possible to create only one Credit Note per Invoice.
  • Read Only Credit Note: If set to Yes, no modifications in the Credit Note are allowed.
  • Disable Make Credit Note Before Transferring: If set to yes, it will not be possible to make a Credit Note from an Invoice that has not been transferred yet. Useful if you have a financial integration developed for your farmerswife.

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