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Other Invoice Related Options


On the left area, there is a field to add an Invoice Note. This is usually used for internal notes on how the Project is to be invoiced. See the Invoice Editor chapter for more details on where the info on this Note is populated. 

In the Eye menu of the Edit Project window, there are three invoice-related options:

  • Hide Part Invoiced Items: Enable this to only see items pending to be invoiced.
  • Show Invoices / Credit Notes: Enable this to see all Invoices and Credit Notes created for this Project at the bottom of the window.
  • Add "Invoiced" Status To Items: This is used to flag items as invoiced if no Invoice is to be created for them. 

When clicking on the Invoiced flag and selecting Find Invoice, a warning message reads "Failed To Find Any Invoices For This Item". Best used in connection with the Booking Invoice Note where you add a note explaining why the item is not to be invoiced. Add this Note before flagging an item as Invoiced.


At Booking level there is also a field to add an Invoice Note. If needed it can be printed out but usually it is used for internal notes, e.g. in conjunction with the Invoice Flag functionality.

The Invoice Flag functionality in the Edit Booking window has the following options:

  • Ignore: This Booking will be ignored when invoicing this Project, either partially or totally.
  • Hold: This Booking will remain on hold while the Project is active, so it will be ignored only when generating Part Invoices and Prepayment Invoices. As soon as the Project is closed, a warning message will remind you that there are Bookings with hold invoice Flags, and the final invoice will include these Bookings.
  • Ready: This is the default Invoice Flag option that means that as soon as the Booking is timereported, it will be ready to invoice.
  • Locked: This is a Flag that only applies to a customized financial integration.
  • Transferred: This is a Flag that only applies to a customized financial integration.
    NOTE:The User Permission Edit Invoice Flag needs to be enabled to see and use this option.


The Media Order window has the option to Hold Invoice at the bottom, that when enabled it will remain hidden from the Invoice Creator search panes.

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