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Tracking payments with Invoice Payments

The setting Invoice Payments needs to be activated in the Server Setup > Financial Tab. Payment Custom Fields allows you to create additional Custom Fields that will be added on each Payment.


To create a Payment for an existing Invoice, search for the Invoice in the Invoice Manager, highlight it and select Create Prepayment from the drop-down menu in the results area. In the New Payment window, fill in the details in the header as needed. In the example below, two custom fields allow uploading a proof of payment file and choosing the payment type, e.g. cash, cheque or transfer. In the details area, a line with the invoice details is automatically added. Here you can change the Paid Amount and press OK to save it.

If multiple Invoices for the same Client are paid in one Payment, highlight them and choose Create Payment (Selection: x) from the drop-down menu. Each of the selected Invoices will be listed in the New Payment window. To create additional Payments for the same Invoice, highlight the Invoice and choose Create Payment from the drop-down menu. The new Payment will automatically calculate the remaining unpaid amount by subtracting previous payment(s). Once an Invoice is paid in full, both the Paid checkbox and the Paid Date are automatically filled in.


Access the Invoice Payments tab and use the search fields to track payments.

The drop-down menu in the results area has the following options:

  • New: Use to add a Payment that is not connected to an Invoice from the system. Once all details in the header are filled in, click on the drop-down menu in the details area and select Add Unreferenced Payment. Fill in the details as required and save.
  • Delete: Use to delete a Payment. 
  • Reports: Use to print out the details of one or multiple Payments.
  • Edit View: To show/hide columns and re-sort them.
  • Maximum Hits When Searching: If set to 100, and the search result is more than 100, only 100 invoices will be displayed and the warning "+100" will appear in the bottom left corner in red. You can modify this to another number option. The maximum hit will be reset to the default option each time when logging in, if the Force Maximum Search Hits When Logging setting is enabled in the Server Setup > General tab. At the bottom right corner, there is the total paid amount according to the search criteria.

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