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Printing an Invoice

Invoice layouts can be designed using the Invoice Print Designer or the Financial Reports Designer.
Enable either or both options in Server Setup > Financial tab > Use Report For Invoices. 

Deciding which is best for designing your invoice layout depends on the options available in each of these Print Designers. Please take a look at each manual for details and also check with Support for advice. You can design as many print templates as needed. You could have a layout that will only display the total of the invoice with no details, and another layout with more details, or have the invoice in different languages, etc. 

At Client level, you can define which Print Template to use when generating Invoices for a specific Client. This is configured in the Client Details tab of the Contact window:

Once defined, the new Invoice will choose the Template by default.

If a Client does not have this Print Template defined, the system will choose the default Template that has been set within the Invoice Print Designer (chosen by clicking on the menu in the top-left Templates area and choosing Set As Default).

Layouts designed using the Financial Reports Designer cannot be set as default, as this option does not exist there. Yet you can always click on the Template tab in the Invoice Editor and change the Template for that invoice. Invoices can be printed from the Invoice Editor window by clicking on the Reports icon at the bottom right corner and then choosing a Template. Also Invoices can be printed from the Invoice Manager by selecting the Invoice and choosing Print from the drop-down menu. In the second case, the system will then use the Template that was previously defined for that Invoice.


Invoices can also be emailed directly from farmerswife. Please refer to the Invoices PDF Print Send Email article for details on the configurations to activate this option.

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