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What is Invoicing Module?

The Invoicing Module consists of the Invoice Creator, Invoice Manager and Invoice Payments. There are many settings and options that need to be carefully established before you start using the system for your invoicing. The articles on invoicing are meant to be a guide, but we strongly recommend that you discuss your specific needs with your farmerswife Project Manager.
Also refer to the Financial Setup manual for details on all possible configurations that are mentioned in this manual.
This is, in general terms, how this module can be used to manage your invoicing:

Invoice Creator: Provides a quick overview of which Projects are available for invoicing (pre-payments, part invoices, final invoices) and allows to design and create invoices for single or multiple Projects and Media Orders (if licensed), as well as unreferenced invoices. It is used as the Pro Forma or Pre Invoice place where the newly created invoices are kept until all necessary changes and additions have been made.

Invoice Manager: When the initial invoice has been approved internally or by the client, depending on the established workflow, then it is moved to the Invoice Manager where it becomes a legal invoice with an invoice number. This is also from where the invoice should printed to send to the client. It is also possible to send it directly by mail from the Invoice Manager. Within the Invoice Manager all sent invoices can be tracked and accessed at any time for reports and to update payments or create credit notes.

Invoice Payments: Finally, if your Invoices are often paid in parts, then the Invoice Payments module helps to keep track of these payments and to follow up on unpaid invoices.

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