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WUS - WIFE User Settings (in Toolbox)

The WIFE User Settings are a bundle of individual WIFE settings that can be set up through the Toolbox, i.e. the personal view settings. They can be tailored to the Users individual needs and preferences.

WIFE User Settings 
Once set up, they can be exported and/or imported to or from a WIFE Client installation to another. For example a general settings configuration file for Admins and one for Basic Users can be setup, exported, sent and imported by other Users. 

Export WIFE User Settings 
The WIFE User Settings will be exported as a file with the format .wus. To export it go to the Toolbox, click on Settings (A), select Miscellaneous (B) and click on Export (C). A window will pop up and give you the possibility to choose the place where the .wus file will be saved. 

Import WIFE User Settings 
To import WIFE User Settings go to the Toolbox, click on Settings (A), select Miscellaneous (B) and click on Import (C). Select the .wus file you want to import from the window that pops up. The imported WIFE User Settings will replace the current one's, so they will be lost. There is no undo! And the User will be logged out and will have to log in again. Please be aware that when importing WIFE User Settings some settings are not copied and have to be set up manually per individual User.

The following list shows the settings that need to be adjusted manually:

Copy Settings From Another User 
Another way to use a predefined bundle of WIFE settings is the “Copy Settings From Another User” feature in Toolbox > Settings > Miscellaneous > Other. Unlike the Import WIFE User Settings feature it will also copy the Hourline Views from another users but not the Media Library Search Field Views.

The Media Library and Advanced Project Search “Search Fields” are saved globally, thus already shared among all Users. 

Force Settings From File
In the Advanced User Permission Profile one can ‘Force Settings From File’ by importing a WUS`s file. This way an administrator can force a predefined bundle of WIFE settings upon a user / profile. This Setting is only possible to configure from Server > Setup > Users tab > open User Profile. Using this option will also make the ‘Settings’ tab disappear in the Toolbox of that User. 

Force Hourline Views From User 
Use the "Force Hourline Views From User" to force Hourline Views upon a user / profile. This means that User will not be able to setup and configure his own views through WIFE Client > Hourline icon. Instead the ‘Options’ will disappear from this User’s Hourline Menu

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