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Resource Contact Details

Resources, i.e. freelancers can be created in the Contact database as well as in the Object Manager. As opposed to other Contact types they can be added to the Timeline View allowing them to be booked and scheduled. They only require a license if they should be able to log into farmerswife to check their schedule. The Resource then can subscribe to their calendars, connect through the Web Client, Mobile Web Client and through the iOS app.

The Web Permission Profiles defines what the Resource is allowed to do and see. Define the Resource details in the Resource Details tab. 

  • Username: Enter the Resource's user name. This is the name that will appear in the Hourline View and in all Reports. The First Name and Last Name are entered by default. 
  • Inherit Rate From Object Class: If this box is ticked, the Resource gets its Rates from the Object Class the Resource belongs to. Resources can be added to Object Classes in the Object Manager or in the Advanced window, see above.
  • Buy / Sell Rate Hour, Day: Define the Buy and the Sell Rates for the Resource per day and/or hour.
  • Buy/Sell Rate (Overtime): By ticking the Overtime box, the fields next to it are enabled for entering a new Rate to be paid to this Resource if working overtime (see next option).
  • Working Time/Hours: Set here the working time: start and end time the Resource works. If the Resource is booked outside this range, the Overtime Rate will apply.
  • Groups: Click on the drop down menu to add the Resource to a Group. Groups can be created in the Object Manager. See the Object Manager Manual for further information. 
  • Confirm Note: Add a Confirm Note that will pop-up every time this Resource is booked. 
  • Icon: Select a new icon for the Resource by clicking on the default icon. 
  • Causes Conflict: If ticked, allows disabling the Resource to conflict when double booking it. 
  • Ref: Add a Reference number.
  • Advanced: By clicking on the Advanced button, more settings can be set up for the Resource. Add Object Permissions, add Object Classes, Activities and Accessories to the Resource. Please refer to the Server Setup User tab (User profile) for further information.
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