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Day History Log Report

The Day History Log Report, allows to see the log history of Objects (People, Equipment etc), for example when a specific Booking was made by whom and when.

Below is an example of a report; it shows the Date of the Event itself, the Action made, who made it and the Log date & time of the action.

The report shows the following actions

  • When a User/Object has been added to a New event (Project, Task, Personnel booking)
  • When an Event is removed- When event time has Changed
  • When a User/Object has been time reported
  • When a time report is cleared
  • When a User connects to the Web Client
  • When a User connects to the Mobile Web Client Application
  • When a User connects to the iOS app
  • When an Advanced User logged into the Desktop Client
  • When a Web User has logged in to Desktop client with Media Library or Media Order Permission
  • When Schedule Changes Email was sent
  • When a User adds a Request (Web and Desktop)
  • When a User deletes a Request (Web and Desktop)
  • When the Request has been accepted and Booked to Personnel or to Project the Booking will show as newEvent
  • When a Booking is associated to a Media Order and when the Media Order is assigned to a User. (Does not show in the log report until the Media Order is assigned)
  • When Objects have been dispatched in or out
  • When there is an Exchange In Sync

Does not show:

  • When a Request has been accepted
  • When a Request has been declined
  • When a Media order is assigned to a User, without associating it to a Booking.

Server setup

Enable the Day History Logger on the Server > Tab Bookings > Use Day History = Yes

Create Day History Log Report

The Day History Log report is an Object Report. Object reports can be created both via the Object Tree (all types ofObjects) and the Personnel Tree (only Users).

Step 1: select the date or date period of the report by marking the days in the Long Form.It is possible to select one specific event date or a date period. 

It is not possible to select multiple event dates that are not in a row, e.g. 29 May, 4 June, 6 June. If you mark these days in the Long Form the report will contain all days from 29 May till 6 June.

A. Create report from Object Tree

1. Click on a specific Object Icon > select Reports > and select “Object Report” or “Object Report (Multiple Objects)”

2. Click on the Objects Tree Icon > Select Reports > and then “Object Report (Multiple Objects)”

B. Create the report from Personnel Tree

Click on a User icon > Select Reports > and next select the “Object Report” or “Object Report Multiple Users” (Note That if you click on the Personnel Tree Icon the Object Report option is not available.) When creating a Multipe Users report you will be asked to select users and as this is an Object report it will refer back to the Objects Tree.

Set up the report in the Print Designer

Step 1: In the Print Designer scroll to the very bottom till you see the button Options. Click on Options > click on: Configure What Events Types To Show and select Day History to appear in the Selected column.

Step 2: Object Loop - Tick the check box “Name” to display the Name of the Object that the log report refers to.

Step 3: Events Loop - In the Events Loop tick the following check boxes- Date – Date of the Event, ie the date of the Booking itself- Event Header – The action made- Log Date & Time – The date and time of the Action- User Name – the name of the User that did the Action.

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