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Utilization Report

Collect the input

Go to the Toolbox > Objects tab > select the Objects you want to report on > right click and select Financial Reports on Selected Objects. Select the Start and End Date for the report from the two calendars.  


Create a Basket (optional)

If it is a select + on of Objects/Users which you use over and over again, can create a Basket which can be quickly loaded every +me the report should be generated.                     

To create a Basket highlight the Objects/Users that should be included > right click and select either Save List to Basket or Save selected Objects To Basket. To highlight multiple Objects, hold CTRL/CMD key and click on the Object Names.                     

To Load from a Basket use the small Black Drop down in the top left corner or right click anywhere in the object window > click on the desired basket name to load the objects into the Objects Window.

Once Loaded highlight all these Objects (CTRL/CMD + A) > right click > Financial Report On Selected Objects.


Select an existing or Import a new template

Once you are in the Financial Report Designer window, select the Utilization Report template or similar or create a new template in order to be able to import a template provided by farmerswife.                       

Group by None - Object - Project/Media Order/Unref. Invoice.

Final settings and generate the report

Depending what information you want to filter, set the ‘Include Actuals’ to YES and choose the corresponding view from which the information should be coming from in "Use Actuals From". Usually it’s the ‘Final/Invoice’ view or ‘Actuals’ in case you invoice the Estimates/Quotes.                                                                                  

To include Preliminary Bookings in the report, select a View that includes these, e.g. the ‘All’ view.



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