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Adding Users

To add a new User go to the Object Manager.

You need Permission to add new Users to the Object Manager.

After selecting to which category the new User should be added, click the green plus and the Add New User window will open up. In the Add New User window fill in the relevant information about the User.

Choose a Username for login. This name is also displayed throughout the system to denote the person. A password must be set (this can be changed in the future).

Click on the Icon to select a personalized Icon.

If the User has a Rate that should be charged/paid for add them to the hour/day rates, or tick the box “Inherit Rates and Activities From Object Class”

Importantly, define if it is an Advanced or a Web User, through the field “User License Type”.

To set the User Permissions/Settings click on the drop down icon to the right of the Permission Profile and then select Edit or choose a predefined profile from the list.

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