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Rate Cards

The Object Manager is your company's price list. 

From this initial list, you can create Client Rate Cards and Global Rate Cards.

Client Rate Cards can be applied to specific Projects for a specific Client.

And Global Rate Cards can be applied to any Project.


Access Global Rate Cards through Object Manager, by clicking on the menu and selecting Compare With Global Ratecard > Edit.

The Global Rate Cards window lists all the rate cards that were saved as global. 

To add a new one, right click and choose New.

Add a Name and click on the Objects icon to start adding Objects that will override the default rates.

As the Object gets added, click on the percentage icon to access the rates. If you use Activities, click on the Activities button to access the Activities rates.

To modify a rate card, double click on the name and as it opens you can click on the percentage icon of the object that you need to change price. 

Note: The change will only apply as the rate card is added to new Projects. If the changes should apply on existing Projects, you need to first clear the rate card from that Project and re-add it. See further down for more details on how to apply a rate card on a Project.


Rate cards can also be created at Contact Client level. 

Open the Contact window (Toolbox > Contacts) and go to the Rate Cards tab. Click on the plus icon to add a new rate card. 

A Client Rate Card is created under one Contact within that Company, make sure to use the Apply To All In Company if necessary.


To apply a Client Rate Card, as the Project gets created and the Client is selected, a pop up will prompt to "Import Rate Card From Client?". If this client has more than one rate card, another window pops up for you to choose one from the list.

As you select one, a window will show details of the rate card. Click OK. 

A yellow triangle now shows next the Client on the top left corner of the Project window.

By clicking on it you can access the rate card again. Any changes you add to this rate card will only affect this Project.


To apply a rate card on an ongoing Project that already has bookings on it, as the rate card window opens you need to click on  Force Apply. You will be prompted "Do You Want To Reset The Rates Of Objects Not Included In The Rate Card?". Select Yes if you want those Objects not included in the rate card to be reset to their original price if their price had been manually modified. Select No to keep any manual change on the rates of those Objects.

To apply a Global Rate Card, click on the Eye icon at the top of the Project window and select Rate Card from the drop-down menu. As the Edit Rate Card window opens, click on the little menu icon on the top left and select a Global Rate Card from the list.

The rest is exactly the same as when applying a Client Rate Card.


If you have been updating the rates of your objects in the default object rate (Object Manager), and you want to apply them to an existing project (already planned one), you can avoid rebooking everything again by using a trick with the rate cards.

  • Open the project you want to apply the new rates.
  • In the “eye menu” > go to Rate Card
  • Press "Force Apply" on the new rate card
  • When Farmers WIFE asks you “Do you want to reset all object prices to their original prices …?”
    • YES > fw will refresh the prices for your objects with the default prices you have entered in the Object Manager. Discounts or manually set prices to any object in this project will be removed.
    • NO >  all unit prices, which have been previously changed, will not be set to their original price when applying the rate card but either keep the current rate or have the rate of the rate card applied.


If you need to remove a Rate Card from a Project, click on the Eye icon at the top of the Project window and select Clear Rate Card from the drop-down menu.

You are prompted "Do You Want To Reset All Objects Used To Their Original Price?". Select Yes, so the rates are reverted to the original prices. 

Note: Refer to the Budgeting manual for more details on rate cards applied to budgets.


By selecting Compare With Global Ratecard, from the menu in Object Manager, you can choose a Global Rate Card that will be compared to the original price list of the Objects displayed in the Object Manager (make sure to display the Sell Rate column).

This option does not support comparing pricing on Activities, because Activities do not exist as a line in the Object list.

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