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Project Rate Permissions

Project Rate Permissions allows us to limit the access and/ or modification of project rates to Super Users with Tasks/ Bookings/ Rates permissions.
This is useful if we don't want Super Users to have access to project rates but we still need them to have a Super User permission profile with Tasks/ Bookings/ Rates.

The ‘Project Rate Permissions’ can be assigned in a general way, creating a list of Users with a certain permission level and then, if needed, overloading them in a per project basis. In this document we will see how this feature works and how to configure it.

Server Configuration

As a first step it is necessary to enable this option in the Server Setup under the Projects tab. Choose to enable the ‘Use Project Rates Permissions’ by setting the selector to YES.

Now, you have to manually add the required Users to the list, by clicking on the green plus icon. Super Users who haven’t been added to the list will only have permission to see and modify rates of their own Projects.

Only Super Users with Task/ Booking/ Rate Permissions can be added to this list.

There are two kinds of ‘Permission Types’ available:

  • ‘Can See Rates’: A User can always see rates of any Project and Project related Bookings.
  • ‘Can Modify Rates’: A User can always see and modify rates of any Project and Project related Bookings.

Add Rate Permissions to a Project

The Users in the ‘Always Allow’ list always have the defined permissions in every project.
Also the project creator has ‘Can Modify Rates’ permission by default.

When opening a project, the ‘Rate Permissions’ setting is located in the ‘View Settings/ Options’ Menu.

There are 2 columns in the ‘Project Rate Permissions’ list:

  1. The first column contains the list of the ‘Manually Added’ Users that can be modified. 

  2. The second list contains the ‘Server Added’ Users, which is the list configured in the ‘Always Allow’ section on the server, mention above. This appears only for information.

With clicking on the green plus icon it’s possible to add more Users manually to the project.
Any User with ‘Project Rate Permissions’ will be able to add more Users into the list but the newly added Users can only have the same or lower permission levels. Meaning a ‘Can See Rates’ User can only add Users with the same permission.

Rate Permission Levels

A User can have three rate permission levels:

  1. Can Modify Rates: That means that the User can see and modify the rates of the Project and related bookings, as Media Orders or Work Orders.

  2. Can See Rates: The User can only see the rates of the Project and it's related bookings, as Media Orders or Work Orders.

  3. No Permissions: A User without permissions cannot see the rates even if he has Tasks/ Bookings/ Rates permission. He need to be included in the "allowed list" to be able to see the rates.

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