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Project Discount Types

There are different ways of adding discounts to a project in Farmerswife:

  1. Discount at Project Level.

    In the Project window > select the Final / Invoice view (or Virtual / Bookings to add the Sell Price Operator to the Virtual Bookings / Quotes).
    Click on the Eye icon > select Add Sell Price Operator To: Final / Invoice > select Percent Discount or Cash Discount:

    • Cash Discount: Enter an amount, a name, a reference and a note (last two optional).
    • Percent Discount: Enter a percentage, a name, a reference and a note (last two optional).

      The Sell Price Operator will appear at the end of the Project window and will be applied to the Sub Total of the Project:

  2. Discount Object Categories (users, machines, media orders, etc.) on Source level.

    Click on the little dropdown menu next to the item that you want to give a discount on and select the percent to be discounted:

    The discount was set on all the Suites in this example:

  3. Discount on Object Categories at Client level.

    Go to the client contact details - You can access through the project itself by click on the dropdown menu next to Client field and select Edit Client:

    The Modify Contact window opens, select the second tab on the top where it says "Client Details". On the right side of the window we can choose a category and a percentage to be discounted to this customer:

    Back in the Project it automatically takes the Category discounts added at client level:

    * You can also create specific Rate Cards (list prices) per client.

  4. Discount at Line Level.

    Click on the line where you want to add a discount and a new window opens with the rates > Click on the Sell Price Operator field options. In this example, a discount of 10 % was chosen:

    The discount only applies to that specific line:

  5. Price Agreements

  6. Invoice Creator - Lastly, you can also add discounts in your very last step: the Final Invoice window in the Invoice Creator.
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