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Labour Rules Terminology

Hours In Lieu, another word for worked overtime.
A set of rules for how the PM numbers should be calculated during a period of time. This typically comes from an agreement - sometimes a union agreement and sometimes an individual agreement between employer and employee. A rule specifies the working hours per day and per time period, overtime payment, holidays, vacation, etc
Sub Rule
A specific setting inside a rule. For example, the vacation sub rule or an overtime sub rule.
Closing Point

Contains calculated and stored PM numbers for a period of time, but only for those users that have work periods assigned to them. For example users which have periods that end every month will be in a closing point every month. When a closing point is created, certain procedures such as “Periodic HIL modification” is performed.
A closing point is also where you normally produce reports for planned/actual work, overtime, etc.
Earned Types
Examples of this are: Vacation, Sabbatical, Freeweek, Training, Extra.This is time that can be earned according to a user’s labour rules. The PM module keeps track of how much is earned, used and left to use.
Salary Additions
Examples of this are: Overtime compensation payments, HIL-To-Salary Conversions. This is money that should be added to a user’s salary.

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