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Closing Points

Closing Points contain calculated and stored PM numbers for a period of time, but only for those users that have work periods assigned to them. For example users which have periods that end every month will be in a closing point every month. If you have a special Rule that ends at another date, then that day a Closing Point will also appear.

When a closing point is created, certain procedures such as “Periodic HIL modification” is performed.

When the closing point is created all the previously included booked hours in worked hours are ‘cut off’ and only the time reported hours are counted as worked hours.
A closing point is also where you normally produce reports for planned/actual work, overtime, etc.

Closing points are visualized in the tree as vertical lines:

  • Green lines represent closing points that have been done in the past (before current date).
  • Red lines represent dates where there should have been a closing point (also in the past). 

    It indicates that there are one or more Users that have a Labour Rule with a Working Period that ends on that date. The red color indicates that there is no Closing Point created yet. In other words, at least one User has a Working Period that ended on 19 May, but you have not created any Closing Point for that date.

  • Blue lines represent future closing point dates.

If you click on the red line to create a new Closing Point, you'll see which Users it is applied to.

You can view an old closing point by clicking on a green line or you can create a new one by clicking on the first red line.

Closing Point Window

A closing point contains a list of users – but only the users that have a period that ends on the closing point date!
Each user has a set of numbers. These numbers are pretty much the same as the PM numbers in the timeline.

The numbers with a light grey background can be edited:

  • Editing the “Final HIL” or “Final Money” will simply add a new “Adjustment after HIL Mod.” in the closing point.
  • Editing any other numbers will add an “Offset Note”, so you can track the changes that have been made.

Clicking the Reports icon in the lower right corner lets you view/create reports using the Printing Designer: This will bring up a so called “PM User Report” for the time period that the Closing Point handles (see section about this under Reports).

Deleting Closing Points

  • To DELETE a closing point click the green line to open it.
  • You can only delete the last created closing point. You will then find a "Delete" button at the bottom of the window.
  • If you try to delete a closing point and there's no delete option it means there's been another closing point created later on.
  • Previous Closing Points can be archived.

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