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Equipment Tracking - the hottest new additions.

New Check In From Selected

farmerswife allows you to do a "Check In" of an Object without having to look, know or find the corresponding Check Out. However for some workflows it is needed to see, whether all equipment came back from a specific "Check Out". For those scenarios the option: "New Check In From Selected" is the solution.

Virtual Objects

Use Virtual Objects for your consumables. Get to love the new expand/collapse option in Project/Booking/Dispatch for the Virtual Objects. And when booking the Virtual Object enjoy the new quantity selector pop up, allowing you to enter the desired amount that you want to add to the Booking.


Expand/Collapse and see Quantity in Dispatch Window

"Dispatch" history

Want to better track what was changed on the dispatch

The Booking history will show additional information if the changes to the Booking have been made from the Dispatch indicating "(Dispatch)" in the Booking history line.
The Booking history line will always start with the date dd-mm-yyyy / hh:mm (thumbnail icon).

Actions that will generate a Booking history line when changing something in the corresponding Dispatch:

  • Hitting OK the first time you create the Dispatch of the Booking: Time (Dispatch): Time
  • Changing the Out or Return Date or Time of a Dispatch: Date And . Time (Dispatch): Date / Time
  • Swapping an Object with another Object of the same Object Class: Removed (Dispatch): Object Class / Object Name/ Inventory Number and Added (Dispatch) Object Class / Object Name / Inventory Number
  • Swapping an Object Class with a real Object from that Object Class: Added (Dispatch):Object Class / Object Name / Inventory Number
  • Removing an Object from the Dispatch: Removed (Dispatch): Object Class / Object Name / Inventory Number
  • Adding an Object from the Dispatch: Added (Dispatch): Object Class / Object Name / Inventory Number Actions that are not listed in the Booking history:

    • Adding notes to Objects.
    • Adding notes and Inventory Numbers to Object Classes or External Objects.
    • Verifying Objects.
    • Using the option to "Move To New Dispatch".
    • Unlinking a Booking from its Dispatch.
    • Changing the Dispatch Status.

View Availability on Groups

Until now it was not possible to see whether some Involved Objects of a Group were booked, if you wanted to book the whole Group (kit). Now when booking a Group, you get a conflict displaying all those Objects that are part of the Group and that are not available due to confirmed Bookings on them.

With the new Objects tree icon > View > View Availability On Groups. A yellow warning triangle shows next to the Objects tree icon indicating this view mode is on, and mousing-over it a tooltip shows 'View Availability On Groups.'
To disabled it, click on the yellow warning triangle, or on the Object tree icon > View > Off.

For more details check out the Release Note.

Create multiple dispatches linked to one booking!

A Booking can have multiple Dispatches. With the option: "Move To New Dispatch"  in the Dispatch window you can move selected items to a new Dispatch. This way multiple Dispatches are linked to one Booking.

This is useful when e.g. a kit room manager is preparing the equipment requested on a Check Out and realises that one equipment piece didn't make it with the overnight express to his kit room or is broken and needs to ask a colleague in another department/office/city to send this equipment directly to the client.

Manual Check Outs and Global Task Status

A "manual" Check Out is without any prior Booking; e.g. done ad-hoc straight from the warehouse. 

To create a manual Check Out go to the Dispatch module > right-mouse click > "New Check Out". If you select a Project, a Booking will be created, if you don't select a Project, a Task will be created. 

farmerswife will only create a Booking or Task from a manual Check Out if the settings in fw Client > Toolbox > Settings tab > Dispatch Module > "Default Expected Return After Days and Time is set to at least 1 day" and "Create And Slave Booking When Creating New Dispatch" are checked.

Example: When working with different Divisions/Locations this now allows to select a specific Global Status with its corresponding colour, when doing e.g. "internal transfers" from one warehouse to another.
Before the Global Status of the Task or Booking was set to Confirmed and couldn't be changed.

Read more.

  • Dispatch Check Out window: you can now click on an Object Class or External Object inside of the Dispatch Out Window and edit Name, Inventory Number, Note and set the Status to verified
  • Add Dispatch Object Note And Link To Object Custom Field:

  • Added new Dispatch Limited Mode permission for Web Users, and a Password for changing Check Out status, see details(Details)
    • Added new User Permission under Dispatch Module area "Allow Modifying Booking Days After It Is Dispatched", see details.(Details)
  • Added support to remove an Object from its Check In so the Booking reverts back to last status(Details)
  • Added support to show details of Objects that have been "Added To" and "Removed From" a Check Out, in the Dispatch Status window and in the Day History Report, see details.(Details)
  • Added to show in Long Form Objects tree in special color when Objects are Verified / Dispatched.(Details)

Show Accessories or Group Members now collapsed in Project, Booking and Dispatch window

In the Project window you can now set through the eye icon that all Accessories and Group Members should be expanded or collapsed. By default the Accessories and Group Members are collapsed. 

You can manually change on each Booking if you wanted to collapse or expand the Accessories/Group Members or you can change the setting per Project through the eye menu. 

In the Booking window, Objects with Accessories are now added with a little arrow that allows to collapse the accessories. By default the Accessories or Group members are expanded. 

In the Dispatch window you will find a new setting to "Expand Groupings By Default" that will show Objects with Accessories and Groups by default collapsed. 

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