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Financial Report news... in 6.5

New Group Elements

  • Week
    Added the ability to group by week number in Financial Reports. Any financial lines will be included if they have a start date that falls in that week. Practical uses: Report to break out a project's expected costs, hours, expenses or bookings by week, making it easier to manage staying on track for a project.
  • Menu Group
    The "Menu Group" is an optional field in the "Modify" window of "Extras" Objects (i.e. "Materials", "Services" and "Expenses").
    This "Menu Group" has now been added as an Element to the "Rows" section of the Financial Report Print Designer, and will populate the "Menu Group" value configured on Materials, Services and Expenses.
    Useful if you use Menu Group to group Extras by "Department" or "Division" and want to report on it with group totals.

New Elements in Print Designer

  • "Public Holiday" and "Day Note" in "Group By" "Date" and "Rows" section
    These elements will only display a value if there are any financial lines in the selected date range for the report. And these elements will display the date in front of the "Day Note" or "Public Holiday" value, if the financial line comes from a multiple-day Booking.
  • "Quantity As Hours"
    If a Booking line has Day Rate configured, the Quantity field in Financial Report will show the number of days, regardless how many hours were booked. But sometimes it can be useful to see the number of hours, so there's now a "Quantity As Hours" field in all Rows > Numbers, Grouping > Totals and Header/Footer > Totals field groups.

Financial Report > Save Filter

Sometimes users need to save filters (including specific Objects, Object Classes and/or dates under Financial Lines In Range) per report template, so when generating a Financial Report on some Projects or Objects, they can easily re-apply the saved filters.

So you can conveniently select a few projects from Long Form > Project tree or Toolbox > Projects and select the Financial Report On Selected Projects. Then use the template with the saved filter. The report will only include the Objects and Classes from the Saved Filter and any date range that was also saved.

Read more here.

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