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Attach Actuals to Active Budget on Booking Creation

A convenient way to attach your booking actuals to the Budget immediately is to enable the below settings in Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults.

It works based on the "Auto-Assignment Steps". If there is no Auto-Assignment Step set for the Object, it will not be attached and will be added to the Actuals pane at the bottom of the Budget window.

Only Actuals can be attached to a Budget Detail: an Actual being what you have configured in the "Budget Actuals View" in fw Server > Setup > Projects > Project Views > Actuals.

You can choose between 3 options:

"Attach Actuals To Active Budget"

If this is enabled, when creating a new booking a pop up window will ask if to attach the actuals to an active budget or if you do not want to "allocate". If you choose a budget, then all objects that you add to this booking will be attached to the selected Active Budget, according to the Auto-Assignment Steps. This also later applies when adding/editing the Booking from Web Access tiers and through the Booking Time Report.

"Always Attach Actuals If There Is Only One Active Budget"

  • If you have this enabled, It will not ask if there is only one active Budget but attach immediately. All objects added to any booking will be attached to the active Budget.
  • This setting is only available if you have enabled the first one.

"Ask "Attach Actuals To Active Budget" Per Object"

  • If you have this enabled a pop up window will be displayed each time you add an object to a booking.
  • This setting is only available if you have enabled the first one and not enabled the second.
  • If this setting is enabled the feature is only supported on Desktop Client. Changes and additions to Time Report of the booking through Web Access tiers are not attached.

These are per-user settings and are only accessible for users with "Can Edit Budget" enabled in their "Permission Profile".

This functionality works when creating a Booking:

  • In the Hourline and in the Long Form (in any of the usual ways: drag and drop on the Hourline, any Long Form tree or from Toolbox > Objects or Object Classes);
  • By dragging one or multiple Objects to an existing Booking, in the Hourline and in the Long Form;
  • By booking an Object Class and selecting to allocate a Member;
  • By adding an Object through the Involved pane in the Edit Booking window;
  • And adding pre-defined services to a Booking.

NOTE: This functionality is NOT active when working in "Scheduling Mode".

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