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Resources & Clients Web Access - No License

To grant access to the Web Access Tiers for Clients/ Contacts, Freelancers, Vendors, etc. go to WIFE Client > Toolbox > Contacts. Open the Contact and choose a previously saved Permission Profile from the dropdown menu.

* Click on the drop-down menu at the right of "Permission Profile" to create a new Profile in the Web Profile Manager.

Then tick the Web Access. Click OK. This will trigger the invitation email to be sent to the Contact. Your outgoing mail settings must be set up on the Server Setup General page for this email to be sent. A valid email address must be entered in the Contact’s email.

Note: Contact type Client does not have to be licensed to access; they are free of charge. Contact type Resource requires a Web User license.

Use the Preview Invite Email to check before sending. The person being invited will receive the same HTML formatted email as in the Preview Invite Email.
If you want to customize the Contact Email Invitation example you can, the Invite Email template is stored in:

- farmerswifeServer\html_templates\http_session\webuser\invite_email.html

In the email, the invitee will click on "Click here to define your password and log-in" and a web browser window will open. The invitee has to choose his own Password and enter it again in Confirm Password. Then click on Confirm.

The window will now slightly change, this time asking us for the Username (the invitee's email address) and the Password she/ he just set has to be used to log-in to WIFE thru iOS WIFE, Web Client and to subscribe via Web Cal. 

In case of “I forgot my password”: 

  • Go to the Contact tab on your Toolbox > Open that Contact. 
  • Click Web Access: No, and OK for the changes to take effect. 
  • Then open it up and set Web Access back to Yes. This will reset the previous password and re-send the Invitation Email.

Typical Configuration Example Scenarios:

a. Give Clients access to see their Projects Bookings through the Web Client.

Follow the invitation and configuration to invite a Client above and configure a Profile as below: 

Select the following settings and leave the rest un-ticked or set to NO: 

  • Web Browser Based Client 
  • Events > Objects > All Objects > Can View 
  • Events > Show Event > If He Has A Relation To Its Project > Yes

In addition, you will need to go to Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup:

Web Profile “Has Relation” Flags are true if Contact Is In Same Company: 

  • Checked = can see any Bookings for Project whose contacts belong to same Company/ Client.
  • Unchecked = can only see his Projects.

b. Give Clients access to see certain rooms schedule and book through Web Client.

Give your clients this Profile if you want to make a Studio or Meeting Room available for them to book via the Web for all clients that rent/ book rooms. They can see if the room(s) is available or booked, and they can book (Project or Task) and write a note about who booked it. They will not see anything else from farmerswife, like Bookings, Contacts etc. 

All can share a single login if you setup a new Contact e.g. MYCOMPANY CLIENT BOOKING and share the email (e.g. clientbooking@mycompany.ex) and password with them.

Create a new Profile, select the following settings and leave the rest un-ticked or set to NO: 

  • Allowed Access Tiers > Web Browser Based Client .
  • Events > Objects > Specific Object Level Control. In this window, give access to view the specific room/s and the ability to make Bookings (Project and/ or Task) for these rooms. 
  • Events > Show Events > Always > Yes, but hide Event Details. 
  • Events > Show > If He Has A Relation To Its Projects > Yes (this way he can see the Booking name, etc.).
  • Events > Allow Bookings on Projects > Projects That He Has A Relation To. 

Keep in mind that when making a Booking they will also have to fill out the fields of Booking names, Project, Status, etc. The better alternative might be for them to just be able to make Task Bookings for those rooms and then you can always have one of your Advanced Users make the Task a Booking and associate it with the correct Project. 

They will need to put a note of who booked it, as it does not record this from a client type login. When they login to the Web Client, it starts out blank. Set up Studio 1 and Studio 2 as favorites and then they can click on the Star to view each calendar. Any other Bookings for those rooms will show as booked but with no details. They will be listed as an "Undisclosed Event". See the attached screenshot.

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