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How to setup and configure Google Invites

1. Enable Google Invites in the Toolbox 
To use Google Invites, enable in WIFE Client > Toolbox > Server Setup: "Allow Sending Google Invites".

2. Setup Web Profiles in the Web Profile Manager

In WIFE Client > Object Manager > User/Resource > Web Profile Manager > Events - Objects - His Own Object:enable: Send Google Calendar Invites.

3. Optionally also enable the: User Must Accept Or Decline New Bookings.
This will keep the Users Object Status as: “Pending Users Approval” UNTIL the user accepts or declines the Booking in Google. See example ‘Daniel’ later in this document. [Otherwise the Object Status is Confirmed UNLESS the user declines, then it changes to Declined.]

4. Configure the Email Addresses
Enter a valid email address for the Resource/User that is to receive the Invitations:


  • This feature directly communicates with the "Google Calendar" API. 
  • Therefore the "Allow Mail" in WIFE Server > Setup > General is not required to be setup for this to work.
  • And it is "Google" which sends out the "Google Calendar" invite emails, etc.
  • Due to this, the 'Sender Email Address' can't be customized.
  • Any delays that may occur in the email invitation mail out cannot be controlled by farmerswife, as well as the User’s individual Google/Gmail Notification configuration, that allows the User to turn off notifications.
  • Any Events will appear in the Users’ local calendar time zone. Example: The server is located in CET, and you invite a User to an Event from 9am-1pm CET who’s located in PST, the Event for the User will appear in his calendar in converted PST time (0am-4am).

5. Invite Clients 

If you would also like to invite your Clients to Meetings or other Bookings, use the new (v6.1) Contact Type: Resource & Client for these contacts.

  • Enter a valid email address for the contact.
  • Assign a Web Profile to the contact with the ‘Google Invite’ Permission Flag enabled. 
  • It is not necessary to enable ‘Web Access’ (this would then use/require a Web License and also allow the Client/Resource to actively log in to the Web Client or iOS). 

These contacts will both appear under ‘Clients’ and ‘Resources’ in the Toolbox > Contacts tab. They will also appear under ‘Resources’ in the Toolbox > Objects tab. And in the Object Manager under Type: ‘Resources’. You can treat them as a simple Resource and also assign Rates, add them to Object Classes, add Activities etc. But they will also be available from the contact drop down list when creating a new Project and to choose from the contacts in the Invoice Editor window.
Currently this contact type is NOT yet supported in the Web Access Tiers (you can search for and view but not open the contact and you cannot create a new contact and select that type).

In “Resource Details”: set a “Nick Name” or leave blank, so when saving the contact, the Nick Name will be First & Last Name and also configure further “Client Details” details as necessary.

Invites for Single Day Bookings/Events

Invites for Multi-day Bookings

Event changes notifications

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