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How to setup and configure Google Invites

1. Enable Google Invites in the Toolbox 
To use Google Invites, enable in WIFE Client > Toolbox > Server Setup: "Allow Sending Google Invites"

2. Setup Web Profiles in the Web Profile Manager

In WIFE Client > Object Manager > User/Resource > Web Profile Manager > Events - Objects - His Own Object:enable: Send Google Calendar Invites.

3. Optionally also enable the: User Must Accept Or Decline New Bookings. 
This will keep the Users Object Status as: “Pending Users Approval” UNTIL the user accepts or declines the Booking in Google. See example ‘Daniel’ later in this document. [Otherwise the Object Status is Confirmed UNLESS the user declines, then it changes to Declined.]

4. Configure the Email Addresses 
Enter a valid email address for the Resource/User that is to receive the Invitations:


  • This feature directly communicates with the "Google Calendar" API. 
  • Therefore the "Allow Mail" in WIFE Server > Setup > General is not required to be setup for this to work.
  • And it is "Google" which sends out the "Google Calendar" invite emails, etc.
  • Due to this, the 'Sender Email Address' can't be customized.
  • Any delays that may occur in the email invitation mail out cannot be controlled by farmerswife, as well as the User’s individual Google/Gmail Notification configuration, that allows the User to turn off notifications.
  • Any Events will appear in the Users’ local calendar time zone. Example: The server is located in CET, and you invite a User to an Event from 9am-1pm CET who’s located in PST, the Event for the User will appear in his calendar in converted PST time (0am-4am).

5. Invite Clients 

If you would also like to invite your Clients to Meetings or other Bookings, use the new (v6.1) Contact Type: Resource & Client for these contacts.

  • Enter a valid email address for the contact.
  • Assign a Web Profile to the contact with the ‘Google Invite’ Permission Flag enabled. 
  • It is not necessary to enable ‘Web Access’ (this would then use/require a Web License and also allow the Client/Resource to actively log in to the Web Client or iOS). 

These contacts will both appear under ‘Clients’ and ‘Resources’ in the Toolbox > Contacts tab. They will also appear under ‘Resources’ in the Toolbox > Objects tab. And in the Object Manager under Type: ‘Resources’. You can treat them as a simple Resource and also assign Rates, add them to Object Classes, add Activities etc. But they will also be available from the contact drop down list when creating a new Project and to choose from the contacts in the Invoice Editor window.
Note: Currently this contact type is NOT yet supported in the Web Access Tiers (you can search for and view but not open the contact and you cannot create a new contact and select that type).

In “Resource Details”: set a “Nick Name” or leave blank, so when saving the contact, the Nick Name will be First & Last Name and also configure further “Client Details” details as necessary.

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