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Invites for Multi-day Bookings

In farmerswife you can book a User on a couple of consecutive days, or non-consecutive days and also have diff. in/out times on the different days – all in one Event. This is handled in the below way by Google.

  • Only one invitation is sent out for a multi-day Booking/Event.
  • Only ‘All days’ can be Accepted or Declined.
  • If the various days have different in/out times on a per day basis, the invitation/event shows the in/out time of the first day and each day is displayed in the Google Calendar with the in/out times of the first day.

The Email notification & invitation

  • Email invitation for Anne (3 consecutive days).

The event title shows ‘@ Daily’ from x to x (in/out time of first day booked) from xxx to xxx (first and last day booked).

If days are skipped in between, still shows first/last day booked but with ‘except’ listing the skipped days.

  • Email invitation for Daniel (1 day skipped and diff. in/out times)

The Calendar Title/s of the Event/Booking 
The title is same as the Email Invitation: Project/Binder/Booking

Accept/Decline Events 

Accept/Decline Event:

  • in iCal: When responding to a multi-day event in iCal or by clicking the link in the email, there’s only the option for “All events in this series"

  • in Google Calendar: When accepting or declining a multi-day event in Google Calendar a pop-up message appears asking whether “Only this event” or “All events” should be changed.

  • Only choosing “All events” will properly update the Booking in fw. If the user chooses: “Only this event”, the Booking in FW will not be updated until ‘All Events’ have been updated.

Invites for Single Day Bookings/Events

Event changes notifications

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