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Divisions and Invoice Settings

The database contains one default Division that contains the setup of some INVOICE relevant settings. Additional Divisions can be added only if you have the Divisions module licensed.

When clicking on the empty grey bar below Divisions, the Division window opens to configure the following invoicing-related settings: Otherwise, follow this instructions: 

Use Fiscal Year
The default behavior of farmerswife is to continuously increase each invoice number by +1 to the highest last used number. By enabling the Fiscal Year, Invoices can begin with #1 per Fiscal Year.

Once enabled, enter the number format for the fiscal year, e.g. 2015 or simply 15. This needs to be manually changed here at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Use it in combination with the Reset Invoice Numbers option to establish the number that the first invoice should havein the new fiscal year.

Refer to the Invoicing manual for more details on how to use the Fiscal year feature.

Use Own Credit Note Series
This option allows using a separate number series from the Invoice series.

E.g. Invoice 1, Invoice 2, Invoice 3, Credit Note 1, Invoice 4 etc., as opposed to Invoice 1, Invoice 2, Invoice 3, CreditNote 4, Invoice 5.

The option can also be enabled at a later point and will be used for numbering Invoices and Credit Notes from that point onwards.

Reset Invoice Numbers
Enter the number that the first invoice created in farmerswife should have. If the Use Own Credit Notes Series option is enabled, then a second field shows to add the number for the first Credit Note.

Division ID, Active checkbox, Colour and Icon are Division-related settings.

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