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Project Importer

The Import Projects from CSV file functionality allows to import new Projects into farmerswife. Modifiying existing Projects is not supported.

CSV Preparation

  • Prepare a CSV (comma separated) file in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Numbers on Mac or use a text editor.
  • Each row in the CSV file will be imported and created as a Project in farmerswife.
  • Add a first row with the Label names to easily map them to the farmerswife fields. This first row will not be imported as a Project.
  • Here is an example of how it could look like:

  • If using Microsoft Excel, save the file as “Windows Comma Separated” file.
  • If you have trouble importing your file correctly (e.g. special characters not displayed properly), please try opening it using 'Numbers' on a Mac, instead of Excel. Then save the file through: Files > Export > CSV > Text Encoding: Unicode. 

Available fields for mapping

  • Client (contact first and last name)
  • Closed (1 = closed, 0 = open)
  • Invoice Note
  • Name (Project Name)
  • Note
  • Number
  • Creator
  • Company
  • Division
  • All farmerswife Project custom fields 


You can import projects without specifying a Client. When opening the imported Project the first time in farmerswife, it will prompt you to “Check Your Client. Project Must Match And Link To Existing Client.” Click on the field Client and select an existing client or create and add a new one.If a client is specified in the Project import file, then the client needs to exist already in farmerswife. Map the company name to the farmerswife Project field ‘Client’ and the contact name (first and last name) to the farmerswife Project field Contact. Project number Projects must have unique numbers in farmerswife. When importing, Project numbers can be specified in the import file. If the specified number is not unique, because there is already a Project with the same number in farmerswife, the import will still work and the imported Project will get the duplicated number assigned. When opening the imported Project the first time in farmerswife, the system will automatically replace the duplicated Project number with the next highest available Project number in the system.

Project Importer

Date Widgets

Use the format dd/mm/yyyy. Make sure Excel doesn't reformat automatically the values. Open the csv file in a text editor if the date format needs to be edited because text editors do not apply automatic formatting.

Checkbox widgets1= flagged, 0 = not flagged, empty = tri-state


-  The import is done at farmerswife Server level. All Users need to log-out before entering the farmerswife Server Setup or they will be disconnected.

-  Run a Full Backup before starting.

-  Then go to farmerswife Server Setup > Projects. Find in the top left corner the button to Import Projects.

-  Click on the button to Import Projects, browse to the prepared CSV file and open it.

-  Select Separator Character.

-  The Import Projects window opens, where you need to map the columns from the CSV file with the available Project fields in your farmerswife system. Those are the farmerswife Project standard and custom fields.

-  The Import Projects window shows all column names from the first row of your prepared csv file. Click on the selector widget next to it to see all farmerswife Projects fields that are available for mapping.

-  Finish the import by clicking OK.

-  As the import is done, a new window will show how many Projects have been imported or updated.

-  The option “Clear All When Importing” at the bottom right corner will delete all existing Projects in the database upon the import.

-  “Save” and “Load” mappings as templates. With the option “Save” you can save the field mapping as a template in a folder on your computer, to use the template for further Project imports with the option “Load”.

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