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Have more fun to work with multi-day Bookings

Now it is much easier to replace an Object for a selected time range in Bookings that last many weeks or even months.

Let’s say you have a 5-week booking and want to replace a staff member who is going on vacation for a week during this period, now you can do it with a simple drag & drop.

For example you want to replace Anne with Dennis, for one of the weeks in a two week Booking. This is how you do it: In the Hourline or Long Form, simply mark the days of the multi-day Booking, and then drag Dennis over Anne’s Booking. A new dialogue will ask whether you want to use the Time Range or not… just press YES and Anne will be replaced for the marked days on the Booking.

There’s much more around this new function for example you can mark a time range and from the Booking ask farmerswife to show the available Class Members for that period. This is convenient if you are juggling a lot of Resources. You can also ask farmerswife to "Replace With Available Class Member" so a new window opens that let’s you choose a Staff member or Object of the same type or function.

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