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We love your stuff!

Your equipment is the key…. We know this so we again added another round of improvements to our Equipment Management and Tracking module. You can now add a new pdf attachment in the email notification sent when a Dispatch is returned to include the check-in info. This makes it nice and clear to the person who returned the equipment and if anything wasn’t as expected. Additionally when a user is notified the dispatch number is now visible at a glance in the email notification's subject that is sent when a Checkout is returned. But also an automated email reminder goes out to the Pickup Contact when the Dispatch has 24hrs left. So it’s time to get your stuff back!

If you later want to search by equipment in the Dispatch module, it is now also possible to search the ‘Entry Note’, which may be used to leave comments on damaged equipment or other. With large Checkouts or Check-ins it becomes difficult to track in the Dispatch Window which line was actually scanned. Now we’re always highlighting the respective row you are scanning, thus you won’t loose track on where you are in the scanning process.

Having many of a kind?

After adding the possibility of booking pure Object Classes and also Class Accessories, it gives more flexibility to different workflows allowing you to book e.g. a Camera type and at the time of preparing the check out just scan the one Object/Camera that you grabbed which will be swapped with the Object Class. 

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