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Client Rate Permissions


1. Start the server, go to "Server Setup > Projects"

2. Activate Project Rate Permissions and Client Rate Permissions.

  • Project Rate Permission get "copied" from the Client Rate Permission when a Project is created. Just like Rate Cards do (they're imported to the project when you select the client). Then Project Rate Permissions are still the ones in effect on each Project, and you can override them per Project if you wish.
  • Client Rate Permissions are just like a "template" for Project Rate Permissions.

3. Add the users (click green + icon), that should be always allowed to see any client’s rates from the User: dropdown

4. Choose between two Permission Types:

  • Can See Rates
  • Can Modify Rates

5. Users that are not listed here cannot enable Client Rate Permissions in the Client Application > Contacts

Override “Always Allow” On Project Rate Permissions. When acivated, the Client Rate Permissions (when activated for the client) will overides the “Always Allow” list on all that clients Projects. 


  1. Enable the Client Rate Permissions:
  2. Access as User With Client Rate Permission
  3. Open a Client who you wish to enable permissions on
  4. Go to Client Details
  5. Enable the: Use Client Rate Permissions (only users with Client Rate Permission: Always Allow, can do this)
  6. The default list of Users appears
  7. You can add manually more users to this client’s rate permission list

Create Client Rate Card

  • Go to Rate Cards
  • Right mouse click in the window > New / Press green + icon
  • Enter a name
  • Add all the client specific objects and alter the Rate

How it works? > PROJECTS

A. Users with Client Rate Permission

Create New Projects

  • Link to the Client with ‘Client Rate Permissions’ enabled
  • Users with Client Rate Permission get the “Import Rate Card From Client” dialogue – choose YES

  • Users with Rate Permission can see/edit rates in Project, Budget, Reports and Invoices for this Project.

Whenever a Project changes Client and the OLD Client had restricted permissions, it will now force apply the new Rate Card and force reset the rates of all objects (even those not included in the new Rate Card) to be reset as well. This is to prevent users without sufficient privileges from seeing restricted rates. 

Rate Cards & Budgeting Module 
When creating a new Budget & using a template you will get the Prompt: 'Reset To List Price Rates In The New Budget' YES: FW will reset the Rates in the Budget to the List Rate Card (Object Manager Rates) NO: FW will set the Rates to the Budget Template.

For more details please see ‘Reset Global Budget Template Rates To List Price’ manual.

B. Users without Client Rate Permission

Create New Projects

  • Link to the Client with Client Rate Permission enabled
  • Users without Client Rate Permission get “You Don’t Have Rate Permission For This Client. Note That You’ll Lose Rate Permissions On This Project If You Continue” dialogue – Confirm – Yes
  • “Import Rate Card From Client” – choose “Yes”

  • Applying the Client and Rate Card sets the Project Rates Permissions.

Creating and Opening a project with no (Client) Rate Permissions will hide Rates in Edit Project window, Object browser, Budget, Reports:

  • Users can add Objects but not see the Rate card Rates

How it works? > INVOICES

  • A user trying to create an Invoice for a Project with no Rate Permissions > ” You Don’t Have Sufficient Project Rate Permissions To Create An Invoice For This Project”

  • When the User doesn’t have Rate Permission and there are invoices in the New Invoice Window then the totals are hidden and you cannot open an invoice if you don’t have permission.

  • Trying to create a Financial Report on a Project with no Rate Permission, Rates show: N/A

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