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Custom Icons

Icon Library
In farmerswife there is an Object library with a standard set of Icons that can be used to illustrate Objects, Users, Services etc.
However, if you do not find what you need you can customize your own icons by following the steps bellow:

Step 1: Create Custom Icon files
Size, format and file names for Custom Icons
Each Icon will consist of 2 GIF images in two different sizes:

  • Big: 32x32 pixels
  • Small: 16x16 pixels

Name the images as below where “iconname” is the name that you will give to the Icon. Make sure both files have the same“iconname”

  • c_iconname_b.gif (b=big, 32x32 pixels)
  • c_iconname_s.gif (s=small, 16x16 pixels)
    *e.g. c_turtle_b.gif and c_turtle_c.gif

Rules on file name and format

  • Use .gif format. It is possible to use "Alpha"  e.g. gif89a format.
  • Use ASCII letters.
  • Start all file names with “c_” or Farmers WIFE will ignore them.
  • Do not add spaces to file names.
  • Do not use capital letters.
  • Do not use “_” in the Icon name itself.
  • Add “b” for big and “s” for small

For User Icons use a .txt file

You can also use your customized icons for a user. In this case as the icon will be used to display a User Booking colour a .txt file needs to be added in addition to the two .gif files.

  • Name the .txt file according to the following, using the same iconname as in the .gif files: “c_iconname_user.color.txt”
  • Within the .txt file a colour in HTML compatible format has to be added, e.g. "#3CB371" for dark green. (Search for HTML colour values on internet)
    *e.g. c_turtle_user_color.txt

The purpose of the .txt file is to be able to display the User Booking colour when booking in the Hourline; dark green in the example below. 
You will need to activate the setting "Use Involved User Colour" that you will find in the Settings tab of the Toolbox inside of the Hourline menu.

Step 2: Back up database and quit the farmerswife server

  • Make sure all users are logged out.
  • Backup the database as a security measure
  • Quit the server

Step 3: Add the Custom Icons

  • Open the servers farmerswife root installation folder (right click on the server icon > Show package contents)

  • Find the folder “custom_icons”. Note that the first time adding icons the folder will be found as shown in the
    images below, next time it will be found within the system folder.
  • Add the 3 files into the custom_icons folder (2 gif files and in case of User Icon also the .txt file).
  • Move the “custom_icons” folder into the “systems” folder.

Wihtin the folder there is a zip file with examples.

Step 4: Restart the farmerswife Server application and login.

They will appear under Custom Icons and also under Users.

Have fun with your new icons!

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