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Server Setup: Objects tab & setup

An Object can be anything that can be booked, time reported and invoiced.
Objects can be setup in the Desktop Client: Menu > Object Manager if the User has the sufficient permissions.

See Object Manager.

  • Object Tracker Barcode: Remove Leading “0” Select ‘Yes” to remove leading zeros from Object tracker barcodes. This will reduce the length of the barcode string. 
  • Object Tracker Barcode: Remove Chars. From End Select the number of characters to be removed from the end of Object tracker barcodes. 
  • Allow Custom Objects, Materials, Services, Expenses: These setting are set to Yes by default. After setting it to No, it will not be possible anymore to create Custom Objects, Materials, Services or Expenses. 
  • Use Selective Activity Inheritance Selective Inherited Activities are useful when you want to have a global pricing using Activities on Object Classes, but then when a User/Object inherits the Rate from an Object Class it should ONLY inherit a specific Activity Rate.
    Example: You have an Object Class called 'Editors' with Activities: Junior Editor, Senior Editor; each specific Editor assigned to the "Editor" Class can only inherit the Rate that is applicable to his role.


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