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Overtime Calculations on Activities

If Staff is getting paid an extra amount per hour after certain worked hours, you can setup OVERTIME on an Activity. This overtime calculation is a % of the users day rate.

  • It works if you create ONE Booking on the user (per day!) as the Overtime is counted on the booked Activity thus FW won’t summarise multiple Bookings on a user per day. So e.g. for people going on Shoots this would work.
  • It does not apply to Objects/Object Classes w. Activities added to Budgets
  • BREAKS are not taken into account.

Add an Activity to an Object Class or User. Choose a Day based Rate which e.g. for Bookings from 0-10 Hours.
In the Overtime window, click the green + icon to add an Overtime % Rate that should be applied on any extra hour booked or reported after 10 Hours.


Camera Ops

Hours 0 > 10 = 100% = Day Rate of the Activity

Hours > 10 hours are at 150% of hourly day rate => start overtime at hour 10:00 => 150%.

The hourly extra rate is calculated as 500 (Day Rate) / 10 hours = 50 * 150% = 75 

Make a Booking from e.g. 09:00 – 21:00 (12 hours)

Results in:    2 extra Hours added to Time Report as Extras for that User

Calculation:   10th, 11th & 12th hour => at 150 % => 2*75 euros = 150 euros

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