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Find out how many users of each type your license has

There are two types of licenses: Advanced and Web. 

To see how many Advanced and Web licenses you have and how many are left please follow these steps:

  1. In Object Manager, search for a User who is an Advanced User and double click to access the Modify User window.
  2. Go to the menu icon appearing to the right of the Permission Profile tab and click Edit.
  3. Click on the Permission Type tab at the top of the window to expand the information:

ADVANCED USERS: There are 3 different types of Advanced User (Tasks/Bookings/Rates, Tasks Bookings and Tasks), all of which use Advanced User licenses. 

WEB USERS: And the last line is for Web User licenses.

In the example below the license enables access to 100 Advanced Users and 100 Web Users, from which 9 Advanced Users and 6 Web Users are in use.

To find out who is using an Advanced license, you can easily check in the Object Manager under the list of users.

But in the case of Web licenses, you need to consider that this license type provides access to Web Users and also to Resources. 

Therefore in order to find out who is using a Web User license, you need to check in two places: In Object Manager and in Contact Search.

1. Web Users:

In Object Manager, select one of the User Types. In the example below, we are using only one of the three available types for users.

Other databases may include e.g.  two types, one for Management and a another one for Artists. 

Make sure to display column Permission Profile and click on it to sort by profile name. All web profiles start with "Web", so they will all be grouped together. 

In our example there are 4 Web Users.

2. Resources:

Go to the Contacts tab on the Navigation bar and search by Type: Resource and Web Access: Yes (tick the box).

In our example there are 2 Resources with Web Access enabled.

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