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Archiving Projects from Advanced Project Search

You can also archive projects from the Advanced Project Search, accessed through the Projects tab at the top Navigation bar.

The Advanced Project Search is only available if the User's permission profile has the corresponding permission enabled. For further details, please refer to the Advanced Project Search Manual.

Select to Filter From: Projects and perform a search as needed.

You can highlight the Closed/Invoiced Projects you need to archive, and by clicking at the top left corner of the Search pane (also accessed by a right-mouse click), select Archive Closed Projects (Selection: X). Only those Projects will be archived.

Projects have to be closed (Status set to Inactive). If you select a Project with status Active, a warning will appear saying the Project could not be archived. Once the Project is archived you will find it under Archived.

To reopen or restore a Project you can either double click on the selected Project or you can multi select more than one Project and choose to restore the selection.

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