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Closing a Project before Archiving

Before archiving a Project has to be closed, meaning its Active status has to be disabled. An active Project cannot be archived.

To close an active Project, open it and switch off the button next to Active.

When Closing a Project, all Bookings, Work Orders  or Media Orders within the Project should be time reported or set to Done. Otherwise a warning will appear, that Some Items Are not Done or Reported. Click Ok to ignore the warning and close the Project.

Once a Project is closed, it will appear under the Closed Status in Toolbox > Projects tab.

You can always reopen the Project by setting its status back to Active, to modify it e.g. time report not time reported Bookings, or
complete Work Orders, and close it again.

You will be asked if you want to Modify Closed Time Stamp with the current one or if you want to keep the one displayed in the pop up window.

The Closed Time Stamp is a criteria when archiving Projects up to a specific date (with the day selector) or searching for Projects e.g. in the Advanced Project Search, at the top Navigation bar. 

Closed Projects and Done Media Orders will be displayed in the Invoice Creator and can be invoiced from there. However when archiving a not Invoiced Projects/Media Orders they will not be displayed in the Invoice Creator anymore.

If you don’t want a specific Project and/or Media Order to appear in the Invoice Creator you can also tick the Invoiced Check box at the bottom of the Edit Project window. The Project then will not appear any longer in the Closed but now it will be shown under Invoiced in Toolbox > Projects tab and in the Advanced Project Search.

Edit Project window - Invoiced tick-box

Toolbox - Invoiced Projects in Projects Tab

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